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by Tanvir Ahmed Quadri2021-07-11

The important and sacred mountains in Islam

There are various mountains in the world which are considered sacred in Islam who derive their importance and sanctity based on the incidents happened in the past

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by Karishma Kabir2021-02-07

The Six Pillars of Iman or faith In Islam

Iman or Faith in Islam denotes a believer’s belief and faith in aspects of Islam. Iman means to affirm something and to comply with it. There are six pillars of Iman (Faith) in Islam. We are being a Muslim must follow and belief in these six pillars of Iman.

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by Saba Siddiquie2021-01-29

How to be a Pious Muslim?

Islam is a way of life and hence, we will step up to understand one of the elemental human quality, “Character”. Good character is a significant trait of a person who endeavors to be a better Muslim. I would share a few attributes that are prominent to build a good character as per Islam.

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by Saba Siddiquie2021-01-26

The five foundational pillars of Islam

Islam is monotheistic religion followed by people around the world called Muslims. Islam is based on the faith that there is “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad (PBUH) is his messenger”. It is not just a religion but a way of life, how we as a Muslim live in this world and prepare ourselves for the after death based on the principles coined in the “Holy Quran”. This brings us to very basics, the foundation of Islam-“The Five Pillars of Islam”

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